Art Pricing

I believe it is extremely important to be transparent, so I want to break down how I arrived at my art prices. Let me begin with, there is no “one size fits all” answer and since art is so personal, there really isn’t a clear answer to what kind of “market value”  specific pieces hold, outside of being famous or no longer with us. I researched this for almost a year, hoping I would find the magic solution on pricing my work but I never did come across it.

What I did find through all of that research was a mess of equations to price art consistently. I dug a little deeper into these because I like the idea of having consistent pricing and being able to price commission requests up front. I will say, at first my artist brain thought “this is way too commercial/industrial” but the more I thought about it...the more I realized it is the logical way to go about it and will give the most consistency to potential buyers.

So, I started with looking at pricing per square inch.

The average price per square inch for professional fine artists, is around $6. (This price includes the use of professional artist/archival quality materials and the time that artist has spent in the “art world”, if you will. Factoring in shows, galleries, etc…and on a side note - All of the materials I use are professional quality and I have triple checked that they are both vegan and cruelty-free.)

Now, this is where it gets tricky. What does it mean to be a “professional”? That is up to you but I do see myself as a professional artist. It is my full time “job” and I spend around 50% of my art time working on pieces to donate to sanctuaries for fundraising, various events to work towards animal liberation, and designs to spread the vegan/animal rights message - all at no cost.

But, with that being said, I am still working to improve and advance my skills every day.

*Oh my god, Bri… just get to the point... *

The Point - After speaking with a handful of individuals who have been doing this whole “art market” thing for quite some time, I decided my starting price point will be $2.50/square inch. This gives me room for growth with pricing as my skills improve and with being fairly new to the art market, I feel is the fairest amount.

So here is the breakdown per square inch on commission requests and original art pieces.


*Please note- Reproduction rights do not transfer with the sale of the art piece

**If pieces are listed as “framed”, I will not be able to remove the frame to lower the price. Many of my pieces are mixed media and the frame is necessary for preservation and protection of the piece (especially during shipping).

I listed the Unframed and Framed pricing specifically for commission requests and some media forms (like illustrations) will not require a frame, so you may have that as an option.

For commission requests please See the “Commission Information” tab. I will still be doing work at no cost for sanctuaries, fellow activists, organizations, etc… but my project load varies as new projects come in and others are completed. Feel free to reach out to me via email with requests but I can not guarantee I will be able to take on your project at that time.