General Information-

Medium: Paintings are done with professional/Artist quality watercolors and gouache. I do not offer any other mediums at this time.

size: 9” x 12” (Unframed), on Professional/Artist Quality Watercolor Paper

*All Materials used are free from any animal products and are cruelty-free

Time Frame: Approximately 14 days from when I receive Payment, the painting will be complete. (I can work with a shorter time frame, if needed, for an additional fee.)

Photos: The clearer the photo, the better the painting! If you would like to send a handful of your favorite pictures, that would be wonderful. We can discuss which ones will work best and the overall feeling you would like to get from the painting.

*For example, I have a friend who has 2 very special girls. One is a super goofy dog, named Zelda, and she always makes me laugh. she is one of the silliest dogs I have ever met. the other is named Downy. She is just as funny but she has a bit of an attitude. (Probably why I love her so much,) she can be the sweetest thing in the world, but she is a cat - so she will let you know when you are cramping her style.

Check out the paintings of the girls below!

Cicely Comparison.jpg

Zelda and Downy

I picked these photos as a reference because I know these two pretty well and wanted the paintings to be a surprise for my friend.

You do not have to pick goofy pictures, but if you want to - I want you to know that is totally okay with me.

The way you want the painting to feel is 100% up to you. It is your furry friend after all!

The most important thing to me is that you are happy with the painting.

Information about your companion animal: I would love to hear a little about your furry friend! Are they goofy? Sneaky? Do they rule the house? Any information you would like to share will help me capture their personality in the painting.

Pricing: Shipping is included in the price (within the united states - If you are outside of the united states, there will be an additional shipping cost, that cost will depend on where you are located.)

9” x 12” - one hand painted watercolor portrait with one animal $75

9” x 12” - one Hand Painted Watercolor portrait with two animals $125


Two Pets - One Painting

You can send me one photo with both of them in it (like this piece), or you can send me two separate photos and I will use them both to create the painting.

It is completely up to you.

But, again, the clearer the photo(s) - the better!

due to the size of the painting, I can not accommodate more than 2 animals in one piece.

the only exception would be small companion animals. like rats, birds, reptiles, etc.

Additional options-

Name: $0 (See Photos for examples of how names will look on the final painting.)

Saying/Quote: +$5

Digital: +$10

With this option, you will receive an email containing High Resolution images of your painting. I will send you three files, JPG, PNG, and PDF. Digital files are great if you would like to make additional prints.

*In the past I have had people get prints made for their children who are now grown and out of the house but grew up with that companion animal. You can also use the files for things like coffee mugs, tote bags, etc. If you would like some more information on places to go for these types of things - I can send you some information on the companies that I use.

(Disclaimer - You may not use the files to reproduce the artwork and sell it for profit.)

Do you have a lot of companion animals at home?!

If you have 3 or more furry friends, I offer a discount. The first two portraits will be full price, but each additional portrait will be discounted at $50 a piece.

For multiple portrait requests, the time frame may be a little longer than the 14 day turnaround I noted above.

(This discount applies to ‘one pet per painting’ only.)

Looking to “gift” a pet portrait to a loved one?

We can do that! Just let me know in the form below that you are looking to get this commission as a gift and we can get a gift certificate and information sheet put together for the recipient.

So, now what?

If you have any questions at all, click here to send me an email!

If you would like to purchase a pet portrait, click here.